Tis the season for BABY GOATS...

Tis the season for BABY GOATS...


Princess Jasmine & Snow

  Wow, has this year's kidding season been a whirlwind! We currently have 42 new Baby Kikos. Everyone was born safe and healthy. The colors this year have just been Spectacular! The snuggles haven't been so bad either..

 People always ask.. Why do you have babies in the winter?

The answer is simply because they grow better! They get less sickness in the winter due to the parasites and yuckies being dormant or gone. We have done it both ways, but the winter raises much better goats. It's much harder on us but they're worth it!  

  We have 3 Bucks that we keep as breeders, 2 Bucks that we have grown out to sell as breeding bucks, 32 Does which are adult females, 12 adolescent females know around here as the Teenagers, and 42 babies. That's the most we have ever had.  91 goats is AMAZING & Insane! :)

What do we do with all those goats?? 

    We are a Seed Stock Farm. WHAT?!?! Right..

  We start with only the Best 100% New Zealand Kikos available, we grow them out, judge them on very strict criteria, and then breed them to supply other farms with the best possible foundation animals. The criteria is based on parasite resistance, maternal instincts, milk production, natural hoof health, rebounding from kidding, etc. It's a process that we have been working at for the last 6 years. The ones that aren't registered as Kreekside Breed Stock, are sold to small farms for commercial use or as pets. 

   Most of you know that I'm also an Art Teacher, PE Teacher, PTO President, and the one that usually causes all of the Fun Chaos at our Amazing little private school here in Coxs Creek, KY. It's one of the most awesome, fulfilling and exhausting things that I have ever done! lol

  With that comes watching my little school friends grow from Kindergarten to 8th grade. I'm also known to bring the farm to school! The kids love all of our critters and many come to the farm to visit all of the new babies! Ill attach pics, they are just too cute for words!

I hope you are all Happy & Healthy. Wishing you nothing but the BEST! 

Have a GoatTastic Day!

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