Whipped Goat Butter

Sunny Days = Busy Days on the Farm!

In Kentucky today it was 81 degrees!! Can you believe that? In March?!?! Well, all that sunshine called for garden clean out, working goats, fixing fences and playing with baby goats! My youngest & the Tiny Terror aka Allie also helped in the garden. 

I also got the chance to make NEW goat milk products. You are going to LOVE THEM! 
 The most exciting new Goodie is the Whipped Goat Butter. It’s NOT greasy, smells amazing and absorbs quickly! 

The second Goat Goodie is something I’ve worked at forever!! I’m super particular about my face cream. It can’t be too heavy to clog pores, must be extremely hydrating but absorb well. I FINALLY GOT IT!! 
    Goat Milk & Tallow Face Cream!! So Great! 

Hopefully you all got some Sunshine the last few days! 
  Have a GoatTastic Day! 

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Awwww!!!! 💕 yay!!

Julianne G

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